Our Paediatric Services

Our paediatric team of Occupational Therapists are passionate about providing evidence-based, family-centred support for clients two years of age and older. We offer a genuinely flexible approach to providing our clients support, assessment and intervention. We offer support in clients’ homes, daycare centres, schools, the community, and our fun and interactive space in Baines Cres, Torquay. We make appointments with you based on what best enables us to work together to achieve success and are not bound by having time-limited sessions.

Our therapists engage in continuing professional development that exceeds our registration requirements by about five times! Their commitment to expanding their knowledge ensures that you can be confident your child is receiving the very best support.

With WHR Allied Health, you’ll receive a family-centred, strengths-based (F-Words) approach as we work with our kiddos to achieve their goals in every aspect of their life. This may include fine and gross motor skills, Sensory assessment and interventions, vestibular assessment and interventions, behaviour support, trauma-informed practices, school readiness, social skills training, interoception interventions and parenting groups.

For referral or to discuss how WHR Allied Health might work with you and your family, please contact our admin team.